Friday, January 7, 2011

Author Friday: Richelle Mead

Every friday I blog about an author I love, this week it's Richelle Mead. To be honest at first I only knew her from the Vampire academy series but last year I also discovered the succubus series and even the first novel of the Dark swan series is waiting on my bookshelf.

I just love the way she writes, I get sucked into her stories and they won't let me go until the end of the book. But as I said before for me it started with the Vampire Academy series. I've always been a Vampire fan but after reading Twilight I needed another series, I like twilight and I still do but the books don't come close to the Vampire academy series. A amazing heroïn and of course good looking men, because we all need some good looking men in our books don't we?

After I found out that the vampire academy series was ending I wanted to know if she wrote any other books, and that's when I found the Succubus series. I only got the first book because I didn't know if I would like the books but after reading the first book I wanted to read them all. Because a mistake I ordered not the second book in the succubus series but the second book in the Dark swan series. So for christmas I asked the first novel of the dark swan series and the rest of the succubus series. They are now waiting to be read, actually I'm reading the second succubus novel and I'm loving it!!! So that's it for me about Richelle Mead.

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