Friday, March 11, 2011

18 & over tag along


Another meme I participate in is the 18 & over tag along. I always keep this post seperate because it speaks to another audience.The tag along is hosted by Bitten by paranormal romance. So here is the quiestion this week:

How may erotic book do you buy in a month?

I don't really buy erotic books, I'm more a paranormal romance kind of girl with some erotic scenes in the books I read. 

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Thanks for stopping by! Yeah I'm with you, I like PNR with erotic scenes better, but will sometimes pick up a erotica.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Hi, hon - already a follower, but sharing the Friday love anyway. Nothing wrong with mixing a little erotica in with the paranormal, but sometimes I do like a read that's unabashedly just about the sex. LOL

    Sally @ Bibrary Bookslut

  3. Hi! Old follower here. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Coming through with the tag along. I know what you mean about paranormal. Often it has enough erotic parts to it, but as Sally said, sometimes it's good when it's just about the sex.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  4. stopping by from the tag along. I agree with you I loooovvvvveeee my paranormal romances!! Have a great weekend, am a new follower!!!

    U can find me @ Literary Cravings

  5. Happy Friday! Thanks for the visit! Hope you have a great weekend full of reading!

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog on the Friday Tagalong! Old follower, have a great weekend!

    Lori @ Romancing the Darkside

  7. Happy Friday - I am now following you.


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