Thursday, March 3, 2011

Theme Thursday #3

I almost forgot to participate in the theme thursday this week! This weekley Meme is hosted by Reading between Pages. The theme this week is: Furniture.  So here is my post.

The moment we crossed my treshold I jerked my arm from Marc's grip and slunk across the room toward the dresser. Angry more with myself than with him, I yanked open the top righ-hand drawer and pulled out a pair of panties. Slamming the drawer shut, I whirled around to face him.

Taken from: Stray by Rachel vincent page 202


  1. I was late to the party as well. I'm wondering what it is, exactly, that she plans to do with those panties? Fun snippet.

    My post is HERE

  2. Now that's got my curiosity going!

    You can find mine HERE

  3. And what are we going to do with those panties?! Great quote! Here's mine:

  4. LOL - she sounds fun! I don't know that I'd have the same reaction to being angry, but I am super happy for her :)

    My piece is from The Dressmaker this week.

  5. That's a good one - sounds a fun read.

  6. This was THE teaser for this week. :)

    Good snippet for furniture, though the drawer contents are what is intriguing.


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