Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wonderful series Wednesday #9

Series title: Enchanted Island series
Author: Krystal McLaughlin
How many books are there: 2 for now
Catagory: Supernatural

What is the series about:

Goodreads summary of the first book:

When Sophia and Drew McKibben's parents are killed in a tragic car accident, they are shipped off to live with an aunt they never even knew existed. Believing that they are moving to a privately owned island just off of the coast of Mystic, CT to live alone with her, they are surprised to find a sort of under-aged bed and breakfast.

Sophia draws the attention of one of the locals, Falen, immediately. He always seems to know exactly what she is thinking, and to her frustration, everything she does seems to amuse him. When a newcomer to the island brings with him a sense of deja vu, she begins to ask herself the ultimate question: Am I going crazy?

Sophia's world starts to unravel when she notices her own brother acting just as abnormal as the rest of them. When she begins to realize that the life she left behind looks even more bizarre then the one she was forced to leave it for, she's faced with a decision to make: embrace the new life that has been given to her, or drown in the past. Either choice brings with it more secrets and deceptions to unearth. The problem 
now is that the two worlds may actually be more intertwined than she thought

Wich books have I read already?

I have read the first two books, I loved them so much! So I hope there will be many more books in this series. The books suck you in and won’t let you go even after you finish the books. I have these books on my e-reader but I'm sure I'm going to buy the books as well as soon as they come out just to have them on my shelves and read them again! If  you love books with magic in it than this is your series! 

Are there more books coming?

I know there is a third book on the way! 

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