Monday, April 25, 2011

Review: The dark province son of Duprin by William H. Johnson

Title:               The Dark Province Son of Duprin
Author:           William H. Johnson 
Pages:             381
Catagory:        Fantasy

The story:

Sitting in the honored stalls of the Crystal Sanctuary, Calvin Gooding should be rejoicing in the message he receives from the Holy King of Duprin. But his heart is heavy. He awaits the carriage in which he must ride to deliver the fated news to his family. Time has run out. In the midst of this sorrow, exhaustion, and uncertainty, a sorceress from the Dark Province appears to Calvin. She promises to make his terminally ill twin sister, Marilyn, well again. As twins, Calvin and Mari share a special bond, and Calvin will do almost anything to save his sister's life. But in order to free Mari from death's grip, the sorceress claims that Calvin must travel to the Dark Province-a land where souls and flesh are devoured by the lawless and the spirit of man is bound in shackles. It's a reckless land dominated by morally corrupt warlords and open sexuality. Wrapped tightly in his religion, Calvin must make a life-altering decision. He can choose to follow the sorceress into the sinful abyss to save his sister, or he can accept a life of guilt and certain torment over Mari's death.

The view of a book addict:

I really liked this story, it’s actually a very sweet story. I felt I went to all the places the main character went to because of the amazing description of them. I was really sucked into the tale and I really wished everything would turn out right.
I hoped the main character would have what he wanted and I felt very sad when he lost one of the things he wanted.

The verdict of a book addict:

Great book, full of adventures. If you like real fantasy books then this is a story you must read!

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