Saturday, May 28, 2011

Random Saturday #2

On this second Random Saturday I want to tell you a bit more about  how I shop for my books. As a dutch girl it isn't as easy as you would think, or maybe it is. 

There are only a couple of shops in the Netherlands that sell english books and because I'm really impatient and don't want to wait for a book to be translated I read most of my books in English. If I am really going bookshopping I'm going to Amsterdam. They have the American Bookstore and a Waterstones. Most of the time I go there with my bookloving friend and we bring a big bag with us haha. We start out just pulling books from the shelves that speak to us and then reading the backcovers. Sometimes I find a book I think she would love and sometimes she finds a book for me. After we've read the backcovers of all the books we make a pile with the books we would like to buy. Than depending on our budget we buy our books. 

But most of the time I buy my books online at and sometimes ( a dutch version of Amazon ). I just browse through my wishlist and add the books I want to my basket. Most of the time you can find recommendations of other books you might like. So I'll check them out and add them to my basket if I like them. And then the waiting begins, I always hate waiting for my books. 

And that's how a dutch girl buys her english books!


  1. Surprisingly fascinating! I don't mind waiting for my books to arrive, the anticipation is fun, knowing that very soon I'll be holding my new book in my hands...

    ComaCalm's Corner

  2. Are you on NetGalley? That is the best source for free e-galleys, if you don't mind reading them on your computer or an e-reader.

  3. Yes I am on Netgalley and I love it!


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