Monday, June 11, 2012

Guest post and giveaway Brenda Youngerman

As part of the blog tour here's a guest post by Brenda Youngerman, she's giving us 10 tips to become a (better) writer. I hope you enjoy her tips and thank you Brenda for taking the time to write them down. 

10 tips for becoming a better writer

1.       Read, read, read, read – find books outside of your genre to read, find books that are not the greatest and figure out what went wrong!
2.       Write from the heart – if you’re not feeling what you’re writing how do you expect your readers to?
3.       If you’re not sure about something – research! And then do more research…..
4.       Don’t write when you don’t feel like writing – it will be a waste of time and energy – and you’ll probably end up deleting it all!
5.       Don’t write something you wouldn’t feel comfortable reading.
6.       Devote a chunk of time to your craft
7.       After writing a while go back and read out loud what you’ve written  - see if it makes sense.
8.       Use language when you write that you are most comfortable speaking. We do not talk as if we do not use contractions – don’t write that way!
9.       Believe in yourself
10.   Only do it if you love it …. You will not become rich from it!
Personally, I write because I believe my stories give people hope and dreams. My intent with all of my books is to bring to light some subject that the read might not be aware of. In the case of Skewered Halo, sibling rivalry is a huge issue that most people think will just go away.

Author Bio
Brenda Youngerman writes about stories that matter. A southern California native coming from a very large family where she never felt like she fit in. “I was the youngest member of a huge family and I never really felt like I belonged there.”
Her first novel, Private Scars, was an expose of what happens to a victim of domestic abuse when they have never been exposed to it. From the moment the first review came out Youngerman realized her calling… that of the voice of the victims.. those who don’t have the strength to speak for themselves. Since Private Scars (2006), Youngerman has published a novel a year, each one exposing another social issue that those in power choose not to discuss. “If one person is helped by one of my novels, that is a good day.”
Skewered Halo takes a look at the filth behind sibling rivalry that goes unnoticed by inattentive parents. Brenda is currently at work at her eighth and ninth novel (simultaneously). 

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