Monday, January 24, 2011

Review: Ravena & The resurrected by Tami Jackson

Titlle:        Ravena & The resurrected 
Author:     Tami Jackson
Pages:       332
Catagory: Vampires

The story according to the book addict:

The book tells the story of Ravena, Ravena is a woman working at a library and secretly she wants to become a vampire. To her great surprise and horror ( the vampire turning her is not the beautiful one she dreamed about ) she is attacked and changed into a vampire.

From then on her adventure as a newly made vampire begins, she has to learn a lot about being a vampire. Being a vampire isn't what she thought it would be, she's still under the control of other people and there are still things out there that could kill her. Fortunaly she joins a clan of vampires that can teach her how to live her new live and help her survive. but her clan has a secret of it's own...... Raven has to find a way to deal with this and to deal with her special gift. The wolves tyring to help the vampires are in danger if she doesn't make the right decission.

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The view of a book addict:

In the beginning I really liked the story, the fact that the main character wasn't just some beautiful girl really spoke to me. But as the story went on I found it kind of hard to find a storyline in the book and that's what I really missed. The dialogues in the book were very funny and I really liked the writing style.

But I really missed the story line, especially in the middle of the book. By the end of the book I finally understood were the book was going and I really wanted to know how it would end. So in my opinion it got better in the end and it became more exciting to read.

The verdict of  a book addict:

To be honest I had a hard time getting through the book in the middle of the story, I loved the beginning and the ending so that made up a lot! If you want to read a diffrent book about vampires and you are not affraid to dive into a book that hasn't a straight storyline plotted out for you than this is your book! The main character is very funny and I think there is a lot more in store for her after this book.

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  1. Thank you, very much, for this deeply honest review of Ravena & The Resurrected. It's always helpful for an author to read feedback and learn (from a reader's fresh perspective) how the book met their fancy ... especially when the book took more than a year to write. If you'd like to share more of your opinions with me, directly, it will help my next book to be even better! SunTigerMOJO [at] gmail (dot) com.


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