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Review Succubus Nights by Richelle Mead

Goodreads summary:

Georgina Kincaid’s job sucks. Literally. 

Love hurts, and no one knows it better than Georgina Kincaid. If she so much as kisses her new boyfriend, she’ll drain his life force. Georgina is a succubus—a demon who draws her power from other men’s pleasure. Admittedly, the shapeshifting and immortality perks are terrific, and yes, Georgina did choose to join the ranks of hell centuries ago. But it seems completely unfair that a she-demon whose purpose is seduction can’t get hot and heavy with the one mortal who knows and accepts her for who she is. 

It’s not just her personal life that’s in chaos. Doug, Georgina’s co-worker at a local bookstore, has been exhibiting bizarre behavior, and Georgina suspects that something far more demonic than double espressos is at work. She could use help finding out, but Bastien, an irresistibly charming incubus and her best immortal friend, is preoccupied in the suburbs with corrupting an ultra-conservative talk radio star—and giving Georgina some highly distracting come-hither vibes. Georgina is going to have to work solo on this one—and fast because soon, Doug’s life won’t be the only one on the line…

Review: May contain spoilers if you haven't read the first book

The story picks up were we left of in the last book, Georgina is still in love with Seth and she still can't kiss him without taking his life force. So they struggle through their realationship throughout the whole book. Georgina has to find out if she loves Seth enough to be with him.

But there is more, Georgina's friend Bastien is in town and wants to bring down a political person. Bastion is a Incubus the male version of the succubus. He asks georgina to help him by playing his sister. Because of a situation Georgina gets really mad at Bastian and she doesn't want to help him anymore. Of course in the end she does help him. This is one of the big story lines in this book.

Another big story line is the story of Doug, he is Georgina's co-worker and friendn and he plays in a band. The band is good but suddenly they are amazing, but Doug suffers from moodchanges. One minute he is happy and unstoppable and the next minute he is depressed. Georgina decides to figure out what's wrong with him and finds out that one of his bandmembers is giving out drugs. Not just any kind of drugs but the food of the gods. Together with a demon and an angel she decides to confront the real dealer of the drugs, another immortal. But before she gets a chance to do that something bad happens to Doug, and that triggers her to visit the dealer and deal with him.


I liked this book even more than the first one, because you already know all the main characters you can just dive into the book and the story. The story moves at a fast pace but not so fast that you can't follow all the storylines.
Most of the time I find myself in trouble with keeping up with a lot of storylines running through each other but that wasn't any problem at all with this book

And just like the first book there wasn't that much sex in the book, something I thought was really good. It would be just so easy to put a lot of sex in the book because the main character is a succubus. It was an amazing book and I can't wait to read the next one!

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