Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wonderful Series Wednesday #1

So this is my first time for the wonderful series wednesday, so here we go!
The first series is:

Series title: Vampire kisses
Author: Ellen schreiber
How many books are there: 7 at the moment
Catagory: Vampires

What is the series about:

The series is about Raven, Raven is a goth girl and obsessed with vampires. She lives in a town she calls dullsville, and one day there moves a mysterious family into the mansion. Raven decides she must investigate this and hopes that the new residents are vampires...... If that's true or not I will not tell because you have to read for yourself!

Wich books have I read already?

I have read all seven books out there! And I loved every book!

Are there more books coming?

Yes there are more books comming, book eight will be out in May


  1. Mmm, one of my favorites) Do you like Vampire Academy?

  2. I love Vampire Academy, I got the last book as a christmas gift. They couldn't speak to me until I finished it haha


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