Sunday, March 13, 2011

Review: Forever vampire by Michele Hauf

Title:               Forever Vampire
Author:          Michele Hauf
Pages:             380
Catagory:      Paranormal Romance

The story:

Vail the Unwanted is a pureblood vampire. But raised in Faery, he has neither home nor peace, and when his aid is sought in the recovery of a priceless diamond gown, his price is information. Specifically the whereabouts of his accursed father. His goal is revenge, and the supernaturally sexy Lyric, the icy blond vampiress with whom he must work, is a distraction he can't afford. 

Outwardly as cold as the diamond dress in which she was kidnapped, Lyric has her own secrets. Desperate to break free from her criminal family, she aligns herself with the brooding Vail. Together they seek justice while each secretly works for freedom and a fresh start. For Lyric that means holding herself apart, even from the smoldering blue-eyed Vail. For Vail, it means a battle to the death for revenge—and for a temptress he can't deny

( taken from Goodreads )
The view of a book addict:

I loved every single word of this book, this book made me realize just why I love vampires so much. The first chapter of the book grabs you and you just travel along with the the main characters. There were steamy scenes in the book that I loved and there was a great storyline.
I read one other book by Michele Hauf and I loved that one as well, so when I saw this book on Netgalley I just knew I had to read it. And I wasn’t disappointed because the story is amazing and and sweet at the same time.

The verdict of a book addict:

This book is for everyone out there that wants to read about true love and a swoon worthy hero.

Total of Ratties:


  1. Seems interesting...might give it a try...but the goodreads summary makes it seem a little too romancey...

  2. It does have a lot of romance in it, but there is also a lot of action in this book. But you have to be a fan of the paranormal romance genre I guess to like this book

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