Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Young adult

So most of the books I read are young adult novels, I like these books more then books for adults.
Young adult novels are much more fun to read, the prolbem I have with adult books is that they are to serious and most of the time they take themselves mucht to serious. Of course there are some exceptions.

 But what kind of young adult do I read? Most of the time the books are about supernnatural things, think about Angels, Demons, Vampires, werewolves, etc. I'll talk in later posts about the specific creatures. The reason I like these books more in the young adult genre is that they are les complicated. You can just pick a book up and read it without having to think about the story again, I don't have to spend a long time thinking about what happened before. You just dive into the book and you're immediatly sucked back into the story. I think the adult genre could learn from this genre. So most of the books I'll review will be young adult novels.

Well that's it for the first genre I love, next time I'll dive into one of my favourtie creatures!

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