Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Review + Giveaway: The eden factor by T.L Peters

Title:             The eden factor
Author:          T.L Peters
Pages:            212
Catagory:      Fantasy

The story:

 Josh McDonald, a frumpish and somewhat unscrupulous accountant, and his childhood friend Adam Barnes, an ambitious Homeland Security agent, are accidentally infected by a highly communicable viral vector of unknown origin containing super-charged DNA that rejuvenates the humane genome so as to prevent disease, regenerate damaged or lost tissue and reverse the aging process. Adam sees an opportunity to bolster his career by persuading his superiors that the virus should be treated as a weapon accessible only to society's elites, who over time will leverage their immortality to assert global political and economic dominance. Josh, prodded by his quirky but kind-hearted girlfriend Belinda, hopes to thwart Adam's power grab by spreading the contagion to as many people as possible. Adam counters with a disinformation campaign claiming that the virus yields lethal side effects and that Josh and Belinda are terrorists working at the behest of a sinister foreign power. Who wins in the ensuing struggle as the virus diffuses rapidly throughout the United States and around the globe? Perhaps neither, as the entire world, wrenched by the competing claims, degenerates into confusion and anarchy--old conflicts, prejudices and jealousies sharpening under the pressure of fast moving events. THE EDEN FACTOR is an apocalyptic novel that blends the potential of modern genetics with an old-fashioned love story to reach a surprising conclusion about the corrosive effects of immortality for those who aren't quite ready for it.

The view of a book addict:
I didn’t really know if I would like the book at first, the summary sent to me catched my eye and it sounded interesting. So I was a bit surprised that I liked this book so much that I finished it in two sitting.
The book was really good, it really made me think about what I would do if I were given this gift or virus. I found the characters really interesting and it made you see how people could react would we ever encounter such a virus.

The verdict of a book addict:
I loved this book, it shows how people could react to such a simple thing as immortality. This book is for everyone that loves to read about human behaviour and what influences them in their descisions

Total of Ratties:

T.L Peters has been so nice to offer one digital copy of his book The Eden factor. If you want a chance to win this amazing book leave a comment with your e-mail adress. This giveaway ends on 1-4-2011

You can buy the book here:


  1. Thanks for the nice review. You run an excellent blog. I just began mine, and I can see that I have much to do. T.L. Peters

  2. I have my blog up and running finally. It's not nearly as nice as this blog, but you can check it out anyway at http://tlpeters.blogspot.com/ You can also link there to my books. All are currently priced at $1.99 USD.

  3. Love your blog colors.

    Stopping by for a look around.





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